“Too often, we can give negative feedback, but not so, when positive feedback is deserved.

Well, here goes; the new staff and systems Indigo has introduced are working magnificently.  George (new cleaner) is an amazing worker who maintains continuous high standards in all aspects of his work. He is constantly cleaning and buffing throughout the development and his work is so noticeable by both residents and visitors, well done George and keep up the good work.

Since the new landscaping company has arrived the grounds have never looked so well. It is an absolute pleasure to walk around the estate…..

The bushes/shrubs are manicured to perfection, grass mowed and trimmed with great care and attention to detail.  Their work makes such a difference to the overall look to Ballintyre and is beginning to make us again feel proud of our surroundings.

Well done to all who have made these appointments and please let's continue with these new standards of service”


Resident owner, Ballintyre Square, Ballinteer Avenue, Dublin 16

“It takes a lot of time and dedication to achieve the level of service that Indigo offers so we always appreciate when someone goes out of their way to acknowledge our efforts.”